At ILT every batch of raw material is tested prior to manufacturing and throughout the manufacturing process to ensure the highest level of quality. ILT offers a complete line of products for the clinical diagnostic market compatible with glass and plastic tubes.
Solutions for packaging engineers, including custom rubber molding, rubber and plastic injection molding capabilities.

  • Clinical diagnostic product manufactured at ILT can meet the industry demands for strict dimensional tolerances
  • High grade silicone with PTFE barrier layer on all products to ensure chemical resistance to sample exposure
  • In-house highly skilled engineers to assist in the design of custom cap products utilizing our fully automated manufacturing capabilities
  • ILT on-site laboratory provides material validation for quality throughout the manufacturing process and certification for finished goods
  • State -of-the-art vision camera quality systems in place on all cap liner production lines

Products Overview

13mm Screw Cap

Liner: Assembled/Bonded
PTFE/Silicone (Any color)

15mm Screw Caps

Liner: Assembled/Bonded
PTFE/Silicone (Any color)