Innovative products for Environmental testing

Certified to meet the specific analytical requirements of the environmental industry

ILT manufacturers the full range of Headspace seals

Compatible with all headspace instrumentation

World leader in manufacturing seals and septa

ILT manufactures Chromatography caps with 20 years’ experience

ILT Advantage

  • ILT Manufacturing Process

    ILT manufacturing and process facility is growing rapidly. As we produce our own custom equipment using the latest technology, ILT can provide product customized for your needs efficiently and cost effectively. Within ILT we have state of the art production communication tools and the flexibility to react to orders, manufacturing, production and engineering in a real time environment.

  • Inventory Control

    ILT offers inventory control programs that can assist you to best manage your inventory for your customer’s needs. Correct inventory management saves time and money.

  • Technology for the future

    At ILT we utilize the latest technologies in communication and in manufacturing. With the use of dashboards, tablets and hand-held devices, ILT can react to orders, manufacturing/production, engineering, quality events at a real time pace. Our internal work-flow and custom equipment is what makes us so efficient.

  • Shipping/Delivery

    We’ll work with your preferred carrier to ensure a smooth shipping process.


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